Hammock Tree Straps TreeHuggers

As shown in the inset, TreeHugger Hammock Tree Straps by Levi Innovations are high-quality, polypropylene straps designed to wrap around a tree and provide connection points for the hammock.  They make your hammock more portable. TreeHuggers are constructed with a heavy duty O-ring and D-rings.  The D-rings allow the strap to lock on itself to prevent slippage of the strap and increase safety.

TreeHuggers eliminate any need to bore into or penetrate a tree.  Hammock hanging becomes much more ecological as well as mobile.  The TreeHugger allows you to take your hammock anywhere and begin relaxing within a matter of minutes.

Each strap is 96" long and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds

Product Specifications
6x3x2 box

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