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Choosing a Patio Set

Choosing a Patio Set
If this is your first time buying patio furniture, you may be confused as to what kind you should get. All of the different models and materials seem to have good characteristics and bad ones, which makes the ultimate choice very difficult. Even once you know your climate limitations, durability requirements, and price range, there are a large variety of stylistic factors to take into account. As you make your final selections, realize that the outdoor furniture style you select conveys a very specific mood. Before you choose whether you want wooden furniture, plastic, or metal, think about the theme of your patio or the atmosphere you wish to create. This will help you decide on the kind of material or accessories you should be buying. What kind of actual furniture you buy isn’t the only important decision you have to make; garden accessories can, and should, complement and enhance the theme of the rest of your décor. The style of your patio, deck, or garden should mirror your personality; are you a person with an attention-grabbing and unique taste or a gentle, classic taste? Do you see yourself with a comfortable, inviting setting or a more formal one?

Rustic: Imagine a rustic cottage with an abundance of foliage and wildlife. If this is your vision of peace and tranquility, you would probably prefer a rural and traditionally styled patio or backyard. The best way to get a country ambience is with sturdy wooden patio furniture. A teak patio set, like the wooden selections from “Anderson Teak” instantly create this rustic and relaxing mood. Other types of wood that will beautify your garden setting are cedar and pine. You can even get some cheaper, wicker, furniture that suggests the same sort of theme as traditional wooden furniture would. Wooden furniture pieces have a simple elegance that is very desirable in a country patio or garden. Next to flowers and trees, nothing looks better than a wooden table or bench. Wooden rocking chairs are an excellent choice in outdoor seating that will help you create this down-to-earth outdoor theme. Although wooden outdoor furniture does come in a variety of styles, you will always achieve a certain rural feel with this type of collection. Some accessories you may want to consider are trellises or garden arbors. All Things Cedar has an entire line of these charming accessories that will instantly create a homey, cozy, and beautiful country feel for your garden or patio. Another possible addition could be a wooden bird feeder, like the ones by All Things Cedar. Attracting wildlife naturally spruces up the rural feel of your outdoor setting.

Classic: You may find yourself dreaming about a stately, classic outdoor setting. If this is the case, you would probably prefer metal furniture to wood. Buying metal furniture sets will give your patio or garden a classical feel that will transport you to another era of royalty, aristocracy, and lavishness. Luxurious wrought iron furniture has an antique manner that will never go out of style. If this description of elegance and class appeals to you, consider one of the many Anderson Teak Wrought Iron Furniture sets. Many of them were inspired by European settings and have a classical feel that is impeccably tasteful. Similarly to metal, concrete garden furniture echoes the sentiments of the Greek and Roman empires and has an extremely classical feel. One way to add to the elegant garden feel is with metal garden benches. Amidst your flowers, detailed garden benches provide additional seating while releasing an air of sophistication. You will feel as if you are walking around an estate rather than a simple backyard when you decorate using iron outdoor furniture. Accessorizing with other outdoor pieces is a great way to enhance the classical feel of your garden or patio as well. Fountains or garden statues make excellent decorations and will underscore the timeless feel you are trying to produce.

Modern: Let’s face it, you like making a statement when you decorate your house or outdoor patio. Unique styles and daring designs are what you have always been attracted too. There are plenty of modern furniture options on the market, so your garden or deck can look just as trendy as the inside of your house. The more modern looking furniture is typically very sleek and smooth. The most contemporary furniture might be aluminum furniture sets or synthetic wicker ones, but other materials are used to build modern furniture as well. These types of sets have interesting designs that are either completely innovative or a twist on the classical setting. The Anderson Teak Deep Seating sets are made out of PE rattan material; these outdoor furniture collections have a glossy, edgy feel that is definitely unique and original. They are also extremely comfortable. Plenty of outdoor accessories can exude a modern feeling. Outdoor bars are chic and useful and make brilliant pieces for entertaining. Anderson Teak has an entire line of wooden outdoor bars that are definitely fashionable and unique. The Gama Sonic line of solar powered outdoor lights can also be used to add a modern twist to any outdoor setting. These technologically advance lights are trendy, colorful, and often possess distinctive designs; they are also money saving and practical. If you want to mix up modern and classical, you may want to consider an Anderson Teak “Fire-pit table set.” These metal sets are definitely sophisticated, yet they come with an innovative and contemporary table that doubles as a fire-pit and a place to eat. With this set you can achieve a contemporary feel while still remaining classical.

Simple: All you want after a long day at work is to go outside and sink into a comfortable outdoor lounger. You really only use your patio on occasion, but when you use it you really want to enjoy its simplicity and comfort. You aren’t the type of person who likes making a loud statement with your furniture so really stylish metal furniture or country wooden furniture doesn’t appeal to you. The best furniture for you might be a simple synthetic wicker or rattan set replete with cozy cushions. Pool loungers, Adirondacks, and loveseats will make your patio or garden the place to be on a hot summer day. You may enjoy Hammaka “hammock chairs” or “Bukara chairs” that are incredibly comfortable and effortlessly stylish. You can relax outdoors in a quiet simplicity that is minimalist yet still put together with anything from collapsible wooden furniture, rattan furniture, aluminum furniture, or even plastic. A large patio umbrella can be practical to give you shade but can also be a simply understated yet decorative addition. A funny garden gnome or outdoor plaque can augment your simple furniture to give your outdoor setting a quirky personality that is still extremely homey, simple, and down to earth.

There are clearly many different personalities and styles that a patio or garden can take on. Other than what was discussed above, there is also romantic looking sets, poolside looks, more intimate settings, or family-friendly designs. Since most materials have comparable qualities, your own unique taste will be the ultimate deciding factor. The above description was a tiny overview of the wide array of options that are on the market so you can definitely find a furniture set that mirrors your personality and taste.

Peruse our website and you will probably find a set that instantly appeals to your own vision of the perfect outdoor garden or patio.