New Orleans Table Lamp Electric Heater

The Endless Summer New Orleans Indoor/Outdoor Electric Heater (EWTR800SP) warms a 12 ft. diameter area on your deck, patio or porch. It uses a 1200 watt halogen bulb. Gas is not required. This table top lamp complements the EWUR810SP New Orleans Patio Floor Heater.


  • Total Power - 1,200 W Halogen Bulb (Equivalent to approx. 4,095 BTUs)
  • Uses a Standard 120V Grounded Outlet (Voltage: 115-120 V; 15 Amps.)
  • Easy, Plug-In, No Gas Required
  • Soft light heat waves are more energy efficient than regular heaters, since heat waves heat objects not unused space.
  • Great for decks, patios, screened porches and balconies
  • Automatic Shut-off Tlit Switch
  • 8 foot (2.4 m) Power Cord
  • Weather Resistant Hardware
  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • Warranty - 1 Year Limited

    Assembled Size - 19.7 in. dia. x 34.6 in. H

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    Item Code: UF-EWTR800SP
    Our Price: $179.95
    Sale Price: $148.50